Our Services

Basic Lock Retwist


Retwist of standard lock styles



Basic Sisterlocks™️ re-tightening. Price is per hour. Minimum booking: 3 hours



Cut dead ends and clear knots.



Adjust the length of your Sisterlocks™️



Rod set, pipe cleaner set, wave set

Edge Touch-up


Re-tightening on front 2 rows of Sisterlocks™️, ear to ear only

Grooming/Shaft Trimming


Trim flyaways on each of your Sisterlocks™️ for a clean, polished look



To correct slippage, fat ends, distorted grid. Typically take 1 hour. Price listed is per hour

New Establishment Consultation


Speak with our loctician about the establishment process, have test locs installed, receive a price quote for your establishment.

Sisterlocks™️ Establishment


$1,000 for the first 4 inches, additional $200/inch thereafter. Exact price will be quoted at the time of consultation. Service must be paid in full 24 hours before the start of your appointment.

Sisterlocks™️ Establishment with Extensions


$2,000.00 in addition to your quoted establishment price